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St Gabriel’s Roman Catholic Primary School


Wednesday 6th January 2020
Phonics - Parents please note that the worksheets are differentiated, please choose one sheet.


For the next week we will be looking at toys. Old and new toys. What our toys might get up to after dark! What our toys are made from, how do they move or work.


Complete any unfinished work from Tuesday.


Listen to the story of 'Lost in the Museum' by David Lucas


Write a list of the characters in the story.



Maths - looking back at Tuesdays example. 9 people got on the bus and then 5 more got on when we used the tens frame. Can you draw or use the print out of the ten frame to solve the questions?


Today the 6th of January is Ephiphany. Ephiphany is the day the 3 kings arrive at Bethlehem to visit the new born baby Jesus.

Listen to the story and sing along with the song.


Tuesday 5th January 2020

Write a list of the presents you received from Father Christmas or a list of your favourite toys.

Choose your favourite gift or toy and write about it. Imagine if I was blindfolded. Give me clues so I could choose from your list which item you are writing about.


  •  What it looks like.
  •  How it feel.
  • How does it move.
  • Where did you get it from?
  • What do you do with it?
  • Think about the sentence you are going to write and talk it out loud.
  • Use capital letters for the beginning of a sentence.
  • Use capital letters for names.
  • Use your Fred fingers to sound out words.
  • Use finger spaces.
  • Look back to make sure your sentence makes sense.
  • Read your story out loud and correct any mistakes.
  • Use full stops to show the end of sentences.


This term we are focusing on our handwriting. We are focusing on how we form each letter correctly to enable us to begin to join letters.

The general rule is that most of the letters begin at the top and once we put the pencil to paper we don't take it off until we finish the letter. There are exceptions to the rule such as k and d, but if you say the rhyme for the letter you will remember.

Please complete 1 letter each day in your book. Take your time and ensure they are all the same size.

This term we will be looking at different materials. We will be asking questions relating to what specific items are made from and why. What materials are our toys made from and comparing them with toys from the past and which materials they were made from. 
Google Oak National Academy Year 1 Science and find material. Watch the first lesson only.