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St Gabriel’s Roman Catholic Primary School

23rd-27th Nov


Plan and write your persuasive letter


You are writing a letter to Grandma and Lou as though you are Barney. You are writing to persuade them Stig does exist and you think he is from the Stone Age. 

Think about the arguments we have discussed,  such as finding the flint, taking vegetables from the garden etc. 

Below is a persuasive writing word mat for support as well as a planning format. 


In the Stone Age, early humans adapted from hunting and gathering to farming. 

Which method do you think was the best way of sourcing food? 


Complete the worksheet below focusing on arguments for and against each method then write your own opinion at the bottom. 


Pictures can be used to represent people.  

For example, Joseph's picture maybe a hammer as he was a carpenter. 

Adam and Eve might be associated with apple. 


If you could pick any symbol/ picture to represent you, what would it be? 

It could be a heart to show how loving you are. It might be an elephant to show you have a good memory. 


Draw your picture that you believe represents you then write a sentence explaining why you have chosen it.