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St Gabriel’s Roman Catholic Primary School

Friday 12th February

Morning Activity

Give yourself 10 minutes to do as much as possible of the 180 Times Tables sheet below. (If you can't print it off, then jot down the answers as quickly as possible in your home-learning workbooks.)

Weekly Spellings

Look again at the weekly spellings list. When you are ready, ask an adult to test you.


 Listen to the poem 'Dog in the Playground' by Allan Ahlberg. 

Now try to act it out using different 'voices' for the various characters.

This will take a lot of practise! If you can persuade someone at home to join you, then even better. If you are in class, you can perform as a group.

It would be brilliant to see some videos!

Reading Journal Activity

Each day this week, you will be given a short text followed by a comprehension. Choose an appropriate level of challenge. (Remember that one star is the most straightforward and three stars means the text and questions are more challenging.)

You may either print out the appropriate answer sheet or simply write the answers in your home-learning book.


This week’s Maths continues our topic of fractions. Today, we will be counting in fractions.


I have also included a true or false reasoning activity.


The power point will take you through each step. If you need more of a challenge, check out the problem solving activities that I have included in the list of resources for Friday 12th February.


Earlier this week, we looked at migration in Geography. This is when people choose to live in a different country to the one in which they were born.


Sometimes, however, people have no choice but to leave their own country. Perhaps they are in danger or they need to escape from a war. Often they are trying to keep their children safe. When this happens, these people are known as ‘refugees’. Using the following resources from the CAFOD website, find out more about refugees and complete an activity from the project sheet.


Also included below are two mindfulness colouring sheets and a word search that you may enjoy completing.


Finally, there's a little prayer to say.


This lesson from Oak Academy continues to develop the skills needed in Athletics.

Have a lovely half term, everyone. Thanks to all who have participated so well in the live lessons and who have posted such lovely work on Seesaw during the last six weeks. Well done to everyone who is working so hard on their reading. Stay positive and keep supporting each other.


Mrs Wilkinson