Safeguarding Notice

St Gabriel’s RC Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. All staff, governors and volunteers are expected to share this commitment. For more information please see our safeguarding policy which can be found under Key Information > Policies > Safeguarding Policy.

St Gabriel’s Roman Catholic Primary School

Friday 29th Jan

Morning Activity

Give yourself 10 minutes to do as much as possible of the 180 Times Tables sheet below. (If you can't print it off, then jot down the answers as quickly as possible in your home-learning workbooks.)

Weekly Spellings

Look again at the weekly spellings list. When you are ready, ask an adult to test you.


Today, we are going to write about the different stages of the water cycle. If you have not yet watched yesterday's videos on 'The Rhythm of the Rain' I suggest that you do this first.


Next, view the attached power point and watch the three videos listed below.


After that, open the document on the water cycle. Use the pictures and the words box at each stage to explain what happens.


Remember to use an informative, scientific, explanatory style for your writing. Fronted adverbials of time are really useful to link the stages in order.

Reading Journal Activity

Each day this week, you will be given a short text and comprehension on how to care for a range of animals. Choose an appropriate level of challenge. (Remember that one star is the most straightforward and three stars means the text and questions are more challenging.)

You may either print out the appropriate answer sheet or simply write the answers in your home-learning book.


Today, you have a starter activity followed by some reasoning and problem solving linked to area.


Watch and listen to the presentation to extend your knowledge of animal names in French.


For your either complete a Joe Wick workout or practise your ball skills by throwing, catching, aiming etc. If you do not have anyone in your household to do this with, then you could throw and catch against an outside wall - just make sure that you are far enough away from any windows!


Have a lovely weekend.