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Live lesson at 9am. Your choice of questions are below, as are the answers.



Watch the clip below of Thor being banished from Asgard. There is a sheet titled - Role on the Wall. I want you to complete three of these: one of Thor, Loki and Odin. On the inside of the person, think of the emotions, feeling and thoughts of the characters. On the outside add anything that the characters do to link to these feelings - what are there actions?

Shared Reading:

Choose your level of challenge to read and complete the questions.


Complete a comparative table (split your page in half; on one side title it Viking perspective, and on the other side title it Anglo-Saxon perspective). From what you have learned so far about the original attack on Lindisfarne to the arrival of the Great Heathen Army, what do you think the perspectives of each other would be? What do you think the Vikings thought of the Anglo-Saxons and vice versa? Think of this in terms of: how they looked, how they fought, how they behaved, their difference in religion and beliefs. What about how each thought about death?

Do your best with this historical interpretation.