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Live lesson.

You are only completing questions 1 - 10.


This is recap work as you will need the knowledge for it tomorrow.


Design your own Viking god in the style of a recipe. Think back to when we created our own recipes on how to make Britain more diverse and inclusive.

Give your recipe a title. Think about what ingredients you'd like to create your own Viking god and don't forget the quantities of your ingredients. Then give instructions on how to make your Viking god - remember to include imperative verbs and subordinating conjunctions. Try to not make your instructions one line. We have done this before.

Shared Reading:

Choose your level of challenge.


Using your notes from last week on Ivar the Boneless, you are going to create your own fact file. In your books, I would like it completed on a two page spread. Give your fact file a title and make your own subtitles. You can create fact boxes, drawings with captions and any information you researched. Make it colourful and eye-catching.