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St Gabriel’s Roman Catholic Primary School



Live lesson beginning at 9am.

Please make sure you have your book and pencil as you will be required to answer questions.


Follow the PPT. Today is all about the subjunctive form. 


To plan a mythical story.

I have provided two documents. 1 is an example of how to plan and what you need to include in your plan. Remember, this is a myth, so make it as imaginative as possible! The second document is a template. You can use the storyboard template to help you with your plan. Don't worry if you don't have a printer, you can draw it out in your book.

Guided Reading:

The document below will have 3 levels of challenge. Please choose which level of challenge you would like to complete. The first will be simpler and become more difficult.


Look at the document below. I want you to retell the invasion of 'The Great Heathen Army.'

This lesson will be history based, as it is about the Vikings, but it will also challenge your map reading skills (Geography skill).


You must use the key to help you order the invasion. Follow the arrows from where the Vikings started to where they went next. The arrows on the map will have dates, so make sure you look at it carefully. I would also like you to tell me if there was a battle in a particular place and who won - the Vikings or the Anglo-Saxons. Again, use the key - it has all the information you need, you just need to study the map closely and carefully.