Safeguarding Notice

St Gabriel’s RC Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. All staff, governors and volunteers are expected to share this commitment. For more information please see our safeguarding policy which can be found under Key Information > Policies > Safeguarding Policy.

St Gabriel’s Roman Catholic Primary School



Live Lesson on Microsoft Teams @ 9am. (Recorded for those who need to watch at a later time)


The phonics programme that we follow is Read, Write Inc. They are delivering 1 lesson a day from their youtube channel at 9.30 (this is available for 24 hours). During our Teams meeting we have started to learn set 2 sounds. If we were in class we would also split off for some children to revisit set 1. If your child struggles with knowing set 1 sounds ( the alphabet and sh,th,ch,ng,nk,qu) and use them to read words please watch the RWI lesson at some point as an addition. (If you’re not sure just ask – but it wouldn’t harm if you wanted to do this anyway and consolidate further). Also, if you would like to extend set 2, you could read/write some more words after the session.



Dough Disco!

Remember we need to do a few minutes of dough disco every day to get our finger muscles nice and strong!  You can watch a youtube video, anything from ‘Spread the Happiness’ Youtube channel or simply put on 1 of your favourite songs and start doing some of the exercises you have seen on our meeting.

Examples below:

Spread the Happiness channel



Please try and read or complete 1 reading activity a day. Below you will find some activity ideas and also some resources that we would use in school (reading book).

-Time on Reading Eggs

-Read 1 part (there are 3) of the our red level reading book (attached below). Reread on a different day for more fluency

-Go through all phonics flashcards, use them to play splat or make words

-Read a story together

-Read some of the set 1 cards (attached below)



There has been another dilemma in Mrs Gray’s house last night! Look at what has happened! There are trapped veggies everywhere! Look at the pictures and talk about what is happening in them.

Task: Label 1 of the pictures (draw it first) or can you write a sentence to explain what has happened? Repeat and do the same for other pictures if time allows.

E.g Supertato is trapped under some carrot. 

Speech & Language

Taboo – Can you think of lots of words to explain what the picture is without using the words on the card?



Starter: Roll a dice/number generator/cards or just a pick a number – and draw as many ways to represent it as you can.


Follow the link below, watch session 2 video and complete the activity.

Extension worksheet if needed:

Religion - Explore

We are looking at ‘Gathering’. Read the ‘Happy Together’ story. Talk about things that we do together in school and things that you do together at home.


Task: Split your page in half (2 posters) and show with pictures and labels things that you do together at school and things that you do at home.

Examples, eat together, sit on the carpet for story, watch TV, go to the park, Assembly and now… Microsoft Team meetings!