Safeguarding Notice

St Gabriel’s RC Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. All staff, governors and volunteers are expected to share this commitment. For more information please see our safeguarding policy which can be found under Key Information > Policies > Safeguarding Policy.

St Gabriel’s Roman Catholic Primary School



Listen to the following pieces of music. Choose which one you prefer. You may want to use one piece or all of them.

Close your eyes and listen carefully to it. Think about how in films, there is always a soundtrack in the background to emphasise if something is scary, upsetting, action-packed, etc. What do you imagine happening? Where are you? What is happening to you? How are you feeling? Are you alone?

You are going to jot down a few scenarios that you think link to the music - think about what the music reminds you of. Are you running away or towards something? Are you in a calm relaxing place and something happens? Are you battling someone? Are you being deceived? Are you saving someone?

Once you've thought of a few scenarios for your chosen piece/s of music, choose your favourite one. Use the storyboard templates below and sketch out the scenes as they change.

Think about how you want others to feel seeing your storyboard. Do you want them to feel sad, happy, fearful, curious, surprised?How will your surrounding, emotions, actions show this? Do not include dialogue. Don't forget you can choose a range of feelings - it doesn't have to be just one! 


Shared Reading:

Choose your level of challenge.


Complete Rule 38.


Recap of long multiplication. Choose whether you want to complete A, B or C questions.


Work through the PPT. On some slides there are questions for you to answer. Answer the questions in full sentences with reasons and explanations. Remember to: justify your answers, explain them, describe them.