Safeguarding Notice

St Gabriel’s RC Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. All staff, governors and volunteers are expected to share this commitment. For more information please see our safeguarding policy which can be found under Key Information > Policies > Safeguarding Policy.

St Gabriel’s Roman Catholic Primary School


Morning Activity

For your Wednesday morning activity, choose from the following:

  1. Repeat the 180 times tables sheet from Monday
  2.  Spend 15 minutes on Hit the Button
  3. Spend 15 minutes on TT Rockstars
  4. Practise this week’s spellings

Grammar Activity


There are two short grammar activities to complete – one for Wednesday and one for Thursday. These can be printed out, answered in books or simply discussed.


Today I would like you to plan a story with a winter theme like ‘Winter’s Child’, ‘The Snow Queen’, ‘Frozen’ or ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’.


I have included some information on planning a good story to help you.

I have also given you a story mountain planning sheet and a ‘box it up’ planning sheet. You may use either of these or you could simply draw your own story map.


Your story must include at least three characters and there must be a problem to overcome so that winter can be brought to an end.


Once you have planned your story, tell it verbally to an adult.

Don’t write the full story today, just do the plan so that you know exactly what is going to happen.




Reading Journal Activity

Please read the second slide carefully as this is your example. Complete the activity on the third slide in a similar way. (This is just like yesterday’s activity) but slide three gives you a different extract from the story.) Remember that your work can be recorded in your home-learning book if you cannot print out this slide.


Today's work is moving towards a more formal method of multiplication. The power point will take you through each step. If you need more of a challenge, check out the problem solving activities that I have included in the list of resources below.


I have also included a quick starter and a true or false reasoning activity.


Remember to keep up with your reading for at least 30 minutes a day. Well done to all of those pupils who are completing quizzes regularly and working towards their Spring target.


Remember to keep up with your reading for at least 30 minutes a day. We now have seven children who are at more than 15% of their Spring target, one at 43% and one at 84%! Some of you have yet to start, though.


Please work through the power point below. Don’t worry if you can’t do the investigation, you will still be able to read the information and watch the video.