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Welcome to

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Reception Open Evening for children starting school in September 2018

Phew! What a busy start to our school journey.
We have been very busy this Autumn half term. We have learnt about our 5 senses. We have made our own special glasses and when we wear them we can use our imagination and visit far away lands! We touched lots of different materials. Some were soft, hard, bumpy, cold and some were squidgy! We listened to sounds outside and try to guess which instruments were being played. We wrote recipes for smelly potions then made our potions they were rather smelly! We had a lovely tasting session some foods were sour, some were sweet and some made our tongues fizz. We made a tally chart and our favourite was custard cream biscuits! 
St Gabriel's Day
The 29th September was St Gabriel's Day. We were welcomed into our school by our buddies in Year 6. We made hats and our buddies gave up prayer cards to make us feel welcome. We celebrated with an ice-cream!

We have been reading lots of books in our literacy lessons. We have looked at the character's in the story, we have been sequencing the story and acting the stories out. We looked at

'Grandpa's Handkerchief' and sequences the days of the week with the colours of grandpa's handkerchiefs and the activities he did on each day.

We read 'No Room for Baby Roo' and sequenced the animals going into Mummy's pouch. We made some big splashes when we read 'The Big Red Bath' and all the animals jumped into the bath! We have been mark making and writing.

We have been working hard learning out numbers, counting, recognising and ordering them. We have made repeating patterns and sorted objects into groups.

 What a busy spring term we have had. We have looked at our toys and discussed how the move, what materials they are made out of and why they are our favourite toy.

We have draw pictures of our toys and wrote about them.

In literacy we looked at "One Snowy Night" and found out who visited Percy the Park Keeper in his hut.

We have been finding out how to stay healthy. We looked at foods we should eat to keep our bodies growing and learnt about the importance of exercise.


We talked about our toys.

Our homework was related to our topic on toys. We told the children all about it.

We have been busy designing and creating!

In literacy we have been reading many books. Looking at the titles, the authors, illustrators and the blurb. We have looked at fiction and non-fiction books and compared them. We acted out the story of "One Snowy Night" "Handas surprise" and the "Enourmous watermelon".

We have been busy with our numbers and shape, space and measure during this term. We can add, double, half, count in 2s and 10s, talk about odd and even numbers, create repeating patterns, sort and matching. We have been estimating how many there are then checking. We have been using weighing scales to find out which item of fruit or vegetable is the heaviest or the lightest. We have also learnt about capacity: full, half ful, nearly full, nearly empty, empty and overflowing. We have found out who is the tallest and who is the shortest person in our class by meaasuring each other.

We have had many celebrations during our spring term. We celebrated the birth of Jesua through our Epiphany assembly. We made Motherday cards and have had many birthdays in our class. We also shared the Palm Sunday litergy with our buddies in year 6 when we waved palms and sang 'Hosanna'

Our grown ups came to "Stay and Play" We made fruit kebabs. They helped up to peel and chop vegetables for our soup and we acted out our story of "Handa's surprise",