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Learning to talk through play

Why is this important?
Imaginative play is crucial for learning new skills and practising these skills in a safe environment. Play is vital in encouraging language development.

What to do
Gather together dolls or other soft toys and one of the following:
- Doll’s tea set.
- Empty bottles, sponge, flannel, toothbrush, etc.
- Bottle and bed (a shoe box will do).
- Shop.

  • Encourage the child to act out situations through play (e.g. tea party, bath-time).
  • Talk to the child about what he/she is doing.
  • Get a doll/teddy/favourite toy/playmobile figure for yourself and play alongside the child to show what to do. Talk to your doll so the child can hear – keeping your sentences short and just using the words you need (e.g. ‘doll drink’, ‘doll sleep’).