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St Gabriel’s Roman Catholic Primary School

Year 6

Welcome to the Year 6 class page.

Homework and weekly spellings will be uploaded on to the site weekly. It is important that your child practices and completes these each week. Useful websites will also be provided to help your child practice their Maths, Reading and Grammar.



These are the pages to complete. Please upload a photo of the finished work onto your child's Seesaw account.


This week:

Maths 10 minute weekly workout 9

Maths targeted questions pg 18 (simplifying fractions)

Comprehension pg 14 (poems about seasons)

Grammar punctuation and spelling - pg 20 (present and past progressive)

Accelerated reading



Last week:

Maths 10 minute weekly workout 8

Maths targeted questions - pg 14 (BODMAS)

Grammar, punctuation and spelling - pg 13 (phrases), pg 15 (conjunctions)


Last week:

Maths 10 minute weekly workout 7

Maths targeted questions - pg 11 (written division)

Grammar, spelling and punctuation - page 30-31 (writing for your audience)


Last week:

Maths 10 minute weekly workout 6 (pg 12 and 13)

Maths targeted questions - page 10 (written multiplication)

Grammar, punctuation and spelling - page 68-69 (Prefixes) and Pg 82 (word ending 'able' and 'ible'


Last week:

Comprehension - page 4 and 5 (Holes)

Maths 10 minute weekly workout - 5 (page 10 and 11) - don't forget to time yourselves!

Maths targeted questions - page 27 (rounding decimals)

Grammar, punctuation and spelling- page 40 and 41 (commas)

Don't forget to continue with your reading and TTRockstars.



Last term:

10 minute weekly workout - 3 and 4

Handwriting - page 4 and 5

Maths targeted questions - page 8 and 9 (negative number and problem solving)

Grammar, punctuation and spelling - page 52 and 53 (apostrophes)

Accelerated reading


Last week:

10 minute weekly workout - workout 1 and 2 - pages 2-5

Grammar, punctuation and spelling - page 36 and 37 Punctuation

Accelerated reading


Last week:

Maths targeted question book - page 8 - Calculating with Negative Numbers.

Grammar, punctuation and spelling - page 8-9 Synonyms and Antonyms




Last week:

Handwriting - page 2-3

Maths Targeted Question Book - page 7

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling - page 12 and 16



Last week:

Grammar, spelling and punctuation book - page 6.

Comprehension book - page 2

Maths mental workout - page 1





This week's spelling.



PE will be every Tuesday and Wednesday. Your child must come into school wearing their PE kit.

Year 5 and 6 statutory spellings

Topic Map

Useful websites: