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Curriculum News Letter for Autumn Term 1

Phew! What a busy start to our school journey!

We have been welcomed into St Gabriel's RC Primary by our buddies in year 6.

This half term we have been looking at 'ourselves' and at our 5 senses. We have had the Guide Dogs for the Blind come to visit us in school to tell us what it is like for people who are visually impaired. We have been making 'smelly' potions and washed some smelly socks!. We had a walk around our school and found lots of interesting smells! We used our hands to feel for different textures and we made rubbings of some objects that were bumpy, prickly and smooth. We used our ears to listen to what might be inside the shell and made musical instruments to listen to the different sounds we could hear. We used our sense of taste to say if we liked or disliked food items.
We have been reading and acting out lots of stories; Grandpa's Handkerchief, No Room for Baby Roo, The Big Red Bath and lots more. We have been learning our phonic sounds and using them in our writing
We have been learning our number system, counting to 20 and back. We have learnt how to make repeating patterns and sort objects into groups by colour, shape or size.
In PE we looked at our body parts. We drew around a child and wrote labels for each part of our body. We then checked our heart and our breathing before we did any exercise. After exercise our hearts were beating faster and we were out of breath! 

We have been very imaginative! We have created our own Reception Music festival. The pirates came ashore and discovered treature. We have had a princess tea party

"We're going on a Bear Hunt"

We have been reading "We're going on a Bear Hunt" One day we found some strange foot prints in our classroom and wondered who they might belong to, so we went on a hunt. We found a cave with a letter addressed to Reception Children. The letter was from the bear explaining that he wasn't chasing us, he wanted to be our friend! We wrote him a letter back and asked him to come to tea. He brought his bear friends and we had fun playing games.


Our grown ups came to stay and play to celebrate bonfire night. We made fireworks and bonfire pictures. We sang bonfire songs to our grown ups and shared black peas and parkin with them.
We have been learning lots of different ways to add two groups of numbers together this term. We have learnt how to add on from a number and how to put the biggest number in our head and add on. We can recognise that the total stays the same when we separate a group of objects in different ways. We have learnt to count in 10's to 100 and how to sort things into groups. We have looked at shapes all around us and talked about 2D shapes.


This term we have been looking at people who help us. We have had many visitors to tell us about the jobs they do to help us in our community.

We have had a very busy spring term. The weather has been so changeable, we didn't know what to wear!
We started this term by looking at our toys we received at Christmas. We discussed the materials they were made from and found that most of them were made from plastic. We looked at how they moved and found that again most of our toys needed batteries to move, some we could simple push or pull. We drew pictures of our favourite toy and wrote about why we liked them. We compared our toys with toys from the past and found that most of them were made from wood and didn't use batteries.

We read the book "One Snowy Night" and retold the story using finger puppets and props. We drew story maps and wrote the story.

The weather has been very unpredictable, however we have looked at changes from warm to the water freezing to having great fun in the deep snow!

We made bird feeders and watched which birds visited the feeders. We reported our findings to BBC Bird Watch.

We have been very creative, looking at textures and manipulating materials to create a planned effect.

We celebrated Chinese New Year by making dragons and dancing to Chinese music.

In numeracy we have learnt how to add and subtract. we have learnt how to count in 2s and 10s and how to double and half numbers. We also measured our shadows to see how long we were. We made tally charts of the birds that visited our garden.

And... the Aliens landed! We designed underpants and tee shirts. We wrote messages in the snow, te playground and wrote letters to space. We dressed up as aliens with our underpants on our heads! We ate alien food and slurped alien shakes